The Visionary Inventive

Brie Beeks' 4 month PRIVATE program for the WOMAN who wants TO USE HER PASSION to START her DREAM business and LIVE A LIFE WITH NEW FREEDOM.

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Did you know more than 80% of startup businesses fail within the first 3 years? If you want to be one of the 20% of successful powerhouses, keep reading...

You’ve dabbled and brainstormed but haven’t reached your God-given potentialand you know you’re meant to do more. You were given these strengths and gifts for a purpose, but haven’t quite figured out how to use them to create the income and lifestyle you dream of.


  • The freedom to work the hours that you choose from your laptop wherever you choose.
  • The power to be 100% yourself and make a lot of money by being true to who you are.
  • An income that allows you to live a life that's filled with fun choices, with plenty remaining to change the world philanthropically and leave a legacy for generations to come.
  • And most importantly, to spend your days working on projects that light you up like a Christmas tree, that keep you up at night and have you leaping out of bed in the morning.

Be the woman who goes against the grain to have it all.

The Visionary Inventive is a 4-month program where we dive deep into your strengths + gifts and turn them into

THAT you can run from anywhere. 

Allow your desire for success to be greater than your fear.

What Is The Visionary Inventive?


The Visionary Inventive will provide you with everything you need to take your business and life to new beginnings that you’ve only dreamed about through private one-on-one coaching calls with Brie Beeks where you will work through creating high-end coaching/consulting programs, digital educational products, automated sales funnels that WORK, audience growth, email marketing, affiliate marketing, media exposure, promotion strategy, marketing strategy and so much more.

This mastermind is on the opposite end of the spectrum from every other training out there. It’s fast-moving, hard work, and it’s NOT for everyone. The Visionary Inventive is only for the highly motivated, driven, optimistic go-getter that’s not willing to quit until the job is done. It’s for the entrepreneur who's willing to go the extra mile and step outside of their comfort zone; the entrepreneur who allows their success to be greater than their fear.

This isn't a get rich quick gig. There is a lot of building and hard work that goes into creating your empire. But if you'll listen to me and do what I tell you to do, you will get through the start-up phase within weeks and be able to enjoy your masterpiece with passive income and time freedom. Think 4 hour work weeks and $5K++ months! My clients have accomplished this in 90 days and so can you.

Katherine Forbes

"Working with Brie is such a dream! I decided to invest in her coaching program because I admire her success and the obvious passion she has to help others! Because of her, I was able to launch and sell a product in a matter of weeks—after having put it off for six months on my own. Not only did she give me her exact launch blueprint and guide me step by step through creating multiple sales funnels, but she's also been there as a motivator and friend the whole time! And her sales pitch? It's no joke. I have now broken the $5k-month income threshold, and feel like I'm only getting started! Thanks, Brie!"

- Katherine Forbes,

Chancelee Taylor

"Brie’s not messing around when she says she’s here to save you time. I made 4x my goal income in the first month. Plus, under her guidance, I’ve landed HUGE clients.

When I came into the world of building my own business I had no idea what to do, what to use, or how to even begin. She provided invaluable direction and instruction on everything from the best website platforms and technology to use to how to approach my clients in sticky situations. She advised and led me through every step—I seriously wouldn’t be where I am today without her!

Brie is the best thing to happen to my business. Period. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her confidence, experience, guidance and inspiration. She can take one look at your business—or even just the idea of a business—and know exactly what steps you need to take to accomplish well beyond your goals. She’s a life and time saver. You owe it to yourself and your business to work privately with Brie, she’ll get you to your income and time freedom goals in no only regret is not coming to her earlier."

- Chancelee Taylor,

You want to work part-time hours while making a full-time income and you want to absolutely LOVE the time you spend “working." You want to choose who you work with in your cozy home office, or even better ;) on your couch. You want to drive your dream car and take your family on a luxurious vacation. You’re in the right place, girlfriend, because I'll show you how you can have it all.

You know deep down that you were created for more than what you’re stuck doing right now. You have special gifts and strengths that can make someone’s life easier or better in some powerful way. You want to unleash this passion and powerful message and now is the time to do it.

What if you had someone to show you each step to take while getting started? This would have saved me an entire year and thousands of dollars when I started my first business.

I can show you: 

  • which software to use and how to use it
  • what you need to invest in and what you don't
  • how to DIY most items on your to-do list
  • how to make things look professional with affordable apps
  • which marketing tactics to spend your time on and which ones are a total waste of time
  • how to set up systems online that automate most of your work (along with my other secrets to a 4 hour work week)
  • how to present your message in an irresistible way that has your ideal customer beating down your door to give you their money! 

This is for you!

  • You're motivated, determined, and have a very strong work ethic.
  • You're an educator, mentor, coach, strategist, or creativepreneur.
  • You have a skillset or are knowledgable in a topic that you would like to teach or help others accomplish.
  • You’re ready to make at least $5K per month by selling out your coaching programs or online courses while gaining more time freedom.
  • You want your business model to provide full-time income while working 15 hours or less per week.

This is not for...

  • Those who are not motivated and lack a strong work ethic.
  • Those who quit when something doesn’t turn out exactly how they imagined it would.
  • Those who refuse to get out of their comfort zone or let their mind wander for creative purposes.
  • Those who aren’t passionate about their business ideas or their clients’ results.

"When I first started working with Brie, I had NO idea what to do or in what order. I was unclear on my message and was clueless about how to market my services. I didn’t even have a functioning website! Brie gave me direction on each component of my business, and broke everything down into digestible pieces. Now, I can move forward in my business with confidence! Since working with Brie, I now have a very clear message, a beautiful website, great blog content, an email list, and knowledge of how to grow my audience and sell my services.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could take my passion and turn it into a business. Brie won’t just help you with business strategy. She will absolutely believe in you, encourage you and guide you through the whole process. Even if you are a total beginner, she can help you turn your passion into a business! "

- Erica Evans,

Stephanie Gilbert

"Brie is the real deal! Within minutes of meeting her, I immediately felt so comfortable, like we’d known each other for years. After collaborating on our first project, we were officially Biz Buds, and I am so happy to have her in my corner. She’s got passion, determination, drive and a lot of heart. Brie is authentic, she really cares about people, which makes her an amazing mentor. I’m amazed at all she has been able to accomplish with her newest business in such a short amount of time, and I believe she has tons of valuable information and first-hand knowledge to share with those who are just getting their feet wet in the online business world."

- Stephanie Gilbert,

Lisa Benavidez

"I love working with Brie! Her strategies and action steps are so easy to implement! In just one coaching session I had an action plan for doing my first webinar...and I did it! Then I did another! I’ve added webinars to my marketing and it’s been so successful (and easy!). Brie is very easy going and comfortable to work with and she really helps you take action!"

- Lisa Benavidez, Happiness Coach For Moms

What’s included


8 VIP Inventive Sessions with Brie

You will schedule 2 private Inventive sessions with Brie every month for personal attention and feedback on your business. You will meet for one hour via zoom video chat or over the phone. 

- Brie will look at (or help you create) your website, content, digital products and coaching programs, funnels, and marketing strategy and help you take your business to the next level.

- You’ll be able to go deeper with Brie in these sessions to work on branding, mindset, systems, tech, and more.

Access to Brie's "First Course"

Learn exactly how to share your unique expertise in a passive income product, an online course. How would you like to bottle your passion and expertise into a product that is delivered digitally and through an automated system?

- I want you to experience that passive income rolling into your bank and what it's like to make money on something you created a year ago.

- Work once, and make money over and over again!

Email and Messaging Access to Brie for 4 months

Brie is 100% in your corner and her number one goal is for you to be successful. Your dreams become her priorities. 

- Get extra support and any quick questions answered in between the private Inventive calls.

- Send Brie your wins to celebrate!

the overachiever  bonus

Those who are quick to take action will receive one Emergency Follow Up Call with me to get help with anything that comes up within two months after our time together. ($400)

- You will most likely come up with a crazy new idea to add to your thriving business. I'd love to help you execute! (2 spots left)


The longer you wait to raise your standards and play big to reach your full potential... the more money you’re leaving on the table and the later you’ll be to your own success.

Imagine giving yourself a $5K raise every single month for the rest of the year. Every month you wait... the more time and money you’ve wasted.



Want to get started before a clarity call spot is open? Email me at and just say I want to start ASAP!

Farmhouse Boutique

"Brie helped my co-owner and I resolve our biggest struggle - getting started! Having her walk us through the entire process of business building, advising us on which software and systems to use, and really walking us through our website creation and social media plan were some of the most valuable benefits we received from her. She inspired us to kick start our online business, The Farmhouse Boutique and provided us with all of the necessary tools to do so. She helped us build our online business owner lifestyle, now we simply get to live in it! It has been over a month since we finished the class, and she still continues to answer questions and provide us with feedback! We’ve gained a lifelong mentor/friend."

- Jordan Clarke & Jo Beth Stevens, Owners of The Farmhouse Boutique

Emily Swanda

"After going through my first intensive session with Brie I left with so much information, advice, and homework. She was extremely relatable and really listened to see what I personally needed. She gave me so many practical tips and advice and took the time to explain exactly how to implement it all.

I came in a chaotic mess and left with a well organized business plan and action steps in place. I felt so much less overwhelmed, clear minded and confident in my business model. I would strongly recommend her to a friend because not only will you receive business insight but also a kind and caring person to learn from."

- Emily Swanda, Improved Living Coach


"Brie brings a really unique perspective to the online marketing space. She cares so much for her clients and colleagues and lives her purpose of helping female entrepreneurs grow successful online businesses. I recommend Brie because she has a mastery of the marketing concepts you need in order to grow a successful business. If you want to grow a killer brand without confusion or overwhelm, reach out to Brie ASAP!"

- Tepsii Thendo, Copywriting and Business Teacher

Oriana Pascale

"Working with Brie helped get me past simply having a wish to have an online business presence to really putting together a strategic plan of attack to get it done. Brie validates your ideas for you, gives it to you straight as to whether it's a good path or not, helps guide you down a road towards success and gives you real, actionable homework to make your plan come to life.

Since working with Brie, I've connected with like minded business owners, I've honed in on my niche & validated that what I love to do really is what I should pursue, and I've grown my online presence by leaps and bounds.

Working with Brie was like working with a great friend. Brie listens to your ideas, bounces them back off of you to validate them, and then creates a vision for you that helps you look down the road and see if it's really what you want to pursue. Brie makes you feel like you're literally her only client and she's giving you everything she has to see your success come true. Brie holds you accountable to get your butt in gear and at the same time, she gets that life gets in the way sometimes. She lives and breathes her and your success all at the same time. She's like having a virtual BFF in your corner, rooting you on every step of the way!!"

- Oriana Pascarella, Organization Consultant


Brie has been featured IN Infopreneur Summit, Wonderpreneur Summit, Thriving Entrepreneur Summit, Small Talk Social, Lady Boss League, Thinkific, Blog Beautifully, Trena Little, & Laptop Lifestyle.

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You’re not just a dreamer. You’re a doer and an action-taker.
You’re the woman that won’t stop until you’ve accomplished your goal. You’re powerful and you’re ready to start a new chapter that ends with you making a lot of money doing what you love to do, when and where you love to do it.

You have no interest in sitting back and letting the world spin around you. You’re an influencer with a strong message to share and you’re not holding it back any longer. You’re ready to jump in and make a big splash.

You can and you will. Your time is now!

All my best,

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"You helped me created sales pages that spoke to my ideal customer, together we crafted tripwires that, months later, still create passive sales, and you explained, as many times as I needed to hear it, how the super complex systems of the blogging world worked. You walked me through setting up convert kit tags, sequences, and automations so my readers would hear from me in a relevant way. You helped me set up a live workshop that we then repackaged and sold as an evergreen workshop in Teachable. You taught me how to use Screenflow which I have used over and over and over.

You were a kind, good listener who understood how to help someone who was a master of her content and a total newbie at the business of blogging.

Brie has helped me set up live workshops in a Facebook group which we repackaged and sold as an evergreen course in Teachable, she’s helped me sell evergreen courses living in Teachable, ebooks, PDFs, the T shirt shop for my new book website, and more. My Instagram has grown steadily and she taught me how to harness live demonstrations I was doing to maximize flurries of engagement to drive email signups and sales. I wanted to be the hottest, sharpest authority in my niche and thanks to Brie’s help, the canning world has never looked so fun.

You made me feel competent, finally, instead of completely hopeless. Being clueless and broke gets really old and you helped me master one thing after another. I looked forward to every one of our calls and it was really nice being able to have a mom that understood if I had to cancel if my little girl was sick. It was also really nice having a mom who wouldn’t let me let that be a crutch. She’d say, “well let’s just grind it out, we only have an hour,” and we’d get right to work.

Brie is a great listener who understands MANY ways of selling a lot of different products. She can help you grow your audience, create systems that work for you, she understands social media and how to use it to grow a business, Brie is a hard worker- no lazybones need apply. She’s not going to write the emails for you. If you want to work hard, but have someone working just as hard to guide you, Brie’s the girl for you."

- Jenny Gomes,


Hi, there!

I'm not sure how you found me but I'm so glad you're here. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Some call me a serial entrepreneur because this is my fourth business and I'm not quite 26 yet!

I travel with my husband who plays professional baseball and we have two little ones who are under two years old. Though being a mompreneur is my drive now, I started off as a traveling wife who just wanted to make something of myself and use my passion to build my own gig instead of joining the corporate world, working 8a-5p, and having someone tell me what to do all day. 

I'm trying to master the art of slow living in our busy society and be present with my family as we embark on new adventures. Our hearts beat with ambition but most feel like they can barely keep their head above water. I refuse to let time slip away where memories could be made just to make more money.

But, I want more money. Who doesn't?! That's where sales funnels, digital products, and virtual clients come in. I, now, work 4 hours a week after putting these funnels and products in play.

You have something you could be sharing with the world to help them. It's time to play your part, fulfill your passion, and enjoy TIME FREEDOM, LOCATION FREEDOM, AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Join me in The Visionary Inventive and let's start creating.




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