BasebalL Is emotionally CONFUSING

Baseball is the best and the worst at the same time. There are years of just straight up survival mode financially and physically for both the players and the wives (usually the ones doing the moving).

You’re away from all you know and all who you know 8 months out of the year.

You never know where you’re going to live after Spring Training until the last day and you head out the following morning, are always ready for a trade call, move up or down call.

Your babies are always wondering what the heck is going on and sometimes “want to go home”.


But there’s an opportunity of a lifetime for J and our family.

A deep calling from the Lord to share His light in an industry that can sometimes be pretty dark.

A calling to take the adventure with all its obstacles and allow it to produce endurance and character you can’t gain anywhere else.

You walk into a new family room and immediately have an adopted family and do life together. You send each other your mom’s number and have a plan to take over babies in case someone goes to the emergency room… you take each other to the emergency room.

You become blood family without the blood.

When traded to another team, you fly to the 5 degree weather from palm tree to meet their new baby and surprise them just to see their face and soak them in for a couple of days! You leave saying, “Until our paths cross again.” Because in baseball, they always do.

This life is wild. But it’s worth it.


We love you dearly baby Jayden Grace, Casey and Justin Haley!