BasebalL Is emotionally CONFUSING

Baseball is the best and the worst at the same time. There are years of just straight up survival mode financially and physically for both the players and the wives (usually the ones doing the moving).

You’re away from all you know and all who you know 8 months out of the year.

You never know where you’re going to live after Spring Training until the last day and you head out the following morning, are always ready for a trade call, move up or down call.

Your babies are always wondering what the heck is going on and sometimes “want to go home”.


But there’s an opportunity of a lifetime for J and our family.

A deep calling from the Lord to share His light in an industry that can sometimes be pretty dark.

A calling to take the adventure with all its obstacles and allow it to produce endurance and character you can’t gain anywhere else.

You walk into a new family room and immediately have an adopted family and do life together. You send each other your mom’s number and have a plan to take over babies in case someone goes to the emergency room… you take each other to the emergency room.

You become blood family without the blood.

When traded to another team, you fly to the 5 degree weather from palm tree to meet their new baby and surprise them just to see their face and soak them in for a couple of days! You leave saying, “Until our paths cross again.” Because in baseball, they always do.

This life is wild. But it’s worth it.


We love you dearly baby Jayden Grace, Casey and Justin Haley!

Moving To Season 2019

We thought we started packing plenty early before the big move to Port Charlotte for Spring Training 2019. As we got closer each day, we realized how much stuff a family of 4 really has. We put it in overdrive this weekend and planned to head out at 9 am this morning. Long story short, we rolled out at 3 pm.

I’m praying to buy an off season home before next off season so that we NEVER have to pack up an entire apartment and all of our family’s stuff ever again.

We were blessed with a lot of help and it was an opportunity to donate a LOT of stuff and filter through our things so that’s a major plus! Tidy Up ain’t got nothin on that load we got rid of.


At one point, the place was vacant and the babes were hungry. We sold our kitchen table and moved the rest of our furniture into a 10 x 10 storage. (All our stuff fit in there with room to spare!) We also already packed up most of our kitchen stuff except the blender, spinach, protein powder and a couple of cups! Which was perfect when Jack started chanting “bite, bite!” They were so cute with their green drinks and an empty apartment, I had to document it.


Those were some of the hardest goodbyes. All of our family lives about 10 minutes from each other. We spend hours on hours together multiple times a week when we’re home 4 months out of the year. We get used to it fast. It never gets easier. Lots of tears shed. My baby niece will be sitting up and basically driving by the time I see her next!

But, we are optimistic about our new beginnings in Spring Training.

  • VRBO, booked.

  • Church, found.

  • Solid part time childcare, covered in prayer.

  • Laptop work life, planned and ready for it.

  • Swimsuits and beach towels, easy to reach.


We are, once again, packed up and out of a short term lease apartment and headed to another short term 6 week VRBO. From there we will move into another short term lease apartment for season. We fit everything into the bed of J’s truck (which has a weather proof cover on it) and half of the smallest U-Haul cover trailer they had! I was impressed by how much space we had in that thing.. we really could have found something smaller.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The minute J and I pulled out after a long weekend filled with packing and saying goodbyes, we exhaled and said “We did it.” It’s never easy, but we are getting better at it!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


We are in for a brand new adventure in a new town and at a new stadium for Spring Training. Let me know if there’s anywhere around Port Charlotte that is a must visit!

Breckly is so excited to “visit Florida and stay the night with her.” Hahaha

And I am so excited to watch Daddy throw a ball around in tight pants.

Smashing The Surface

A close girlfriend of mine, who I’ve actually never met in real life (Shout out to you, Katherine at Designing The Row), messaged me today and blew my socks off. Basically she slapped me in the face with: You’re barely scratching the surface with who you are online.

I’m not revealing anything to you except that I love entrepreneurship, how you can do it with me, and the freedom that comes with running your own online business (you get it.. I get to stay home with my babies and travel with my hubby for his career!). The end. That doesn’t tell you who I am or my heart behind what I do.


I never went to a single career fair in college. Never put together a real resume (other than a rinkydink one for a part time job). And I never planned on ever going to a single interview for a real j.o.b. I knew I was going to work for myself after my first semester of freshman year.

I was a computer science engineering student and in huge classrooms filled with guys and MAYBE two other girls. I don’t want to get into the whole gender BS. Long story short, I was the only girl in a month long group project. I was sitting in the hallway doing homework one day and I overheard a classmate talking to another engineering student say, “We have this one girl in our group who is so freaking stupid…”

I will say that almost 50% of my classmates had failed out at this point so I knew that I wasn’t stupid. But I also knew how I left class feeling inadequate, lower than low, and like the last one picked on the playground. I asked myself if I wanted to surround myself with this crap from 8-5 every single day for the next 30 years. HAIL TO THE NAW!!!

I finished college (minus one class, sorry mom, I swear I’ll go back and take it eventually.. maybe.) for the growth and experience and I guess to reconnect with a high school friend and my now husband!

I started an online business during Senior Year, 4 years ago, for two main reasons plus a few sprinkles on top that came along the way to remind me this is my calling.

Why I started adulthood as my own CEO:

1. I wanted to create an income stream that was bigger than what I’d earn at an 8-5 corporate job.

Most people bring home their salary paycheck that pays the bills, covers gas and groceries with very little left over for saving, investing, vacations, student loans or paying off other debt. I had bigger dreams than paying the bills with my finances.

2. I wanted to start growing and making an impact immediately.

We aren’t promised tomorrow or where we will be career wise 4 years from now so I wanted to “do something about it” right then.

I dreamt of continually growing each year so that I can leave a legacy to my children and start making an impact in others’ lives who don’t have roofs over their heads, are victims of abuse, or who’s only worry is if they’re going to get to eat that day.

Hearing about children being abused routinely, literally freezing to death because they don’t have proper coats, drinking muddy water and knowing their little bellies are so so hungry makes my chest hurt. So what am I going to do about it? Work harder to give more.

Sprinkles on top:

1. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t expect this news so soon but I was over the moon that I had a virtual business that I could work part time and from home. She was in my lap nursing or close beside me in her swing when I was on client calls for the first year of motherhood! A new “why” for why I do what I do.

2. I started teaching others how to work virtually for themselves, build a legacy and do something about it! It’s amazing to accomplish something for yourself, your family, and others but to help someone else experience all the freedoms and to see their joy from the impact they’re able to make... THAT. That is the most fulfilling. An add on “why” along the way for why I do what I do.

Here’s to going deeper than scratching the surface. I adore you guys! Thank you for your community and support.

A few ministries that save kids’ lives literally and spiritually: