What Is A Joint Venture Webinar (and how can I use them to grow my email list)

You hear ALL THE TIME, “The money is in your email list!”

If you’re just starting out, this statement can be frustrating.

You’ve created a killer opt-in freebie or a lead magnet to offer your website visitors in order to receive their email address in return. You write epic blog content and Pin the heck out of those posts to try to get more traffic to your website, i.e. to your opt-in box. You also tweet your free offer and post it in promotion threads in closed Facebook groups.

You take so many steps to grow your traffic and your efforts never subside.

But growth in your email list is slooowwww.

Don’t worry. You’re not doing anything wrong, and you’re not the only one going through this.

But if you’re ready to get serious and take things up a notch (like 5 notches) then I’m going to show you how to grow your email list like crazy with Joint Venture Webinars.

If you’ve never given a webinar before, don’t worry because this is still for you. You can watch my free masterclass “Webinars For The 1st Time” here to trump any fear you may have of video and for a step-by-step tech training.

And if you think you have nothing to teach in a webinar because your niche is different, see my blog post 38 Topics That You Could Teach In A Webinar.

Joint Venture Webinars are the answer to growing your online business fast! Grow your email list, your online presence, your trust factor, and YOUR REVENUE! Click through for the details! 

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The Basics Of A Joint Venture Webinar:

You join forces with another business owner in your niche who doesn’t have a product or service in direct competition with yours.

Your information and products complement each other.

You come up with a topic that you teach on in a live webinar that both of your audiences would be attracted to.

You both promote the webinar to your audiences.

You share audiences at the live workshop and are introduced to many new faces.

You share the webinar registration list and both grow your email list.

I love joint venture webinars because you get to collaborate with another business owner on a deeper level and usually become biz buds who support each other and promote for each other. (More exposure to other audiences!)

JVs are beneficial to all entrepreneurs no matter where they are in their journey, but they’re especially helpful to those just starting out. When you’re in the beginning stages of building your business, you don’t have much of an audience.

I see so many new online business owners turn away from webinars altogether because they feel like they don’t have an audience who would show up, because their product isn’t ready, or because they want to wait until their email list is bigger so that they have a group to invite to the workshop. This is the biggest mistake and wrong turn that you could possibly make!

This is the biggest mistake and wrong turn that you could possibly make!

By doing this, you’re wasting precious time and opportunities to grow rapidly.

When you’re in the startup of your business, THIS is the time to implement webinars! Don’t wait!

To fully push your business off of the ground, I encourage you to book 4 Joint Venture Webinars and committing to them. Jump for it and don’t look back! You’ll thank me.  

So, how do you go about putting a JV together? 

First, you have to connect with influencers in your niche who do NOT have a product or service in direct competition with yours. You need to form a relationship with these business owners and get yourself in front of them.

Follow these steps to connect with potential Joint Venture Co-hosts:

  1. Make a list of 10 people that are business owners in your niche who don’t have a product or service in direct competition with yours.
  2. Get on Twitter. I used to hate Twitter, I didn’t get it at all. But the people are there and they’re not hard to find! Tweet out content from the influencers on the list you made in step one and tag them. They’ll be appreciative of you sharing their stuff. Then, make an effort to favorite their tweets, retweet them, respond to tweets, and just engage with them.

  3. Engage with the influencers on your list in closed Facebook groups. Facebook groups are an intimate setting where your people hang out so relationships bloom so easily here. Engage with their posts consistently!

  4. Subscribe to their newsletter and when you read a very helpful email, respond to it and tell them how much you loved the email and how you are implementing the material. They’ll remember you and be appreciative of you reaching out.

There are so many ways that you can connect with influencers in your niche, but these are the steps that I took in my business journey to use my time as efficiently as possible. These are the most effective ways to catch their attention and connect.

Once you’ve made the initial connection, be bold! It’s time to reach out to them and share your idea. Since a JV benefits both of you, they’ll most likely say yes if their schedule allows. If their schedule doesn't allow for them to collaborate with you at the moment, don't take it personally! Business owners are busy and will probably catch you next time. 

Emailing your potential JV to ask for a collaboration can be intimidating. Heck, just jumping on video can be intimidating if it’s your first time.

If you would like to work with me privately where I will show you exactly what to say to your potential JV webinar cohost and build the rest of your empire, click here to see what my team and I can do for you.