If you're running your own business, you’re in club Busy People. Welcome!


Everyone thinks they’re busy and that we live in a busy world (which can be true) but they don’t REALLY KNOW busy until they have experienced being their own CEO, receptionist, website developer, graphic designer, copywriter, editor, bookkeeper, photographer, and VA. Did I miss a role or two? We have our to-do lists that are longer than the day’s time.


When you first take the leap into entrepreneurship, you experience the overwhelm of the daily hustle. With all of this chaos, how do you experience the entrepreneurial dream? (working from home or wherever in the world from your laptop making $10k+ per month)


We have resources out there on the worldwide web that teach us how to get down to the nitty-gritty and create a successful business. There are strategies, free calendars, step-by-step guides, but no matter the resources available to us there is one major step that most entrepreneurs skip.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the mile long to-do list and in the daily grind that you max out. Entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and stressed and simply try to keep going through the motions to keep pushing forward. When you get to the point where you’re just trying to go through the motions, you haven’t accomplished the dream and you’re not productively growing your business.


There is a reason why God created the earth in 6 days and then rested on the 7th. It wasn’t because God needed rest. He was doing us a favor and setting a pattern for what we need.


If we don’t give our run down body and mind rest, creativity and productivity won’t be a product of our days.

The Ultimate Productivity Calendar - here is an example of one of my highly productive weeks. I blocked out time for family, work, and to reboot. Download it and see if this schedule works for you!



I remember having so many ideas and things to do in the startup of my business. I would hear about women who only slept 4 hours a night and who were the definition of a workaholic. I thought that if I could be like them for just the first few months then my business would be built quickly and that I would be successful.


Sleep wasn’t a priority, family was only a priority for 2 hours a day, and doing the things that I loved outside of work fizzled out too. This pattern brought on a lot of anxiety and stress. My husband sat me down and led me to reevaluate the way that I spent my days. I was slowly becoming someone that I didn’t want to be, and he could see it. You don’t want your dream business to be the very reason why you lose yourself and become a stress ball of no personality. You want your dream business to supplement your life and provide freedom for you and your family. Not the other way around.


You can control this by taking care of yourself and allowing time for rest. Resting is not an optional step in the books.


Now, I take a bubble bath at least every other day. I pray, think, and just sit quietly. I also take full days off! [GASP!] I take every Sunday off, and if there are things that I want to do during the week I take a week day off as well! If I didn’t, I would sit here at my laptop wracking my brain and stressfully waste time instead of enjoying life. We all have the same 24 hours in the day. How do you want to spend them? You can PLAN for your brain to reboot during your ‘rest time’ so that it will be fueled up and ready to go when it’s time to work again.


Here are a few other ways that I allow myself to REST:

  • leisure walks

  • get a massage

  • get a manicure

  • go to the movies to just sit there and be entertained

  • Netflix & Chill

  • take a nap (There’s nothing better for a weary body than a good nap!)

Set specific time out to enjoy life and those around you. You will waste time being miserable if you don’t.

Here's a daily calendar of one of my most relaxing, yet productive, weeks. Will this be your new schedule?