Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Are you taking full advantage of your social media platforms? 

In the midst of all of your creating, I’m sure you’re thinking about which hours in the day you can give up to excel on any platform. Growing a social media account takes work and work takes time. We don’t have much of that and you probably feel like you only have time to do a halfway job on your social media accounts.

If that’s true for you, then you need to change your mindset pronto. If you’re already in the social media game and you’re here for the ‘made easy’ part, I’ll get to it...and you’ll love me for it ;)

Those of you just sliding by in your business social media accounts need to start thinking of this as one of the most important areas of your business. This isn’t a piece of the puzzle that you can push aside and pull back out whenever you feel like it. It’s a part of your business that could substantially increase your income and it requires your attention. This is literally where you could double your clientele, double your audience’s population, and gain massive exposure to your brand.

I built my Twitter following to about 500 over a 9 month period of time for my first online business. (It was all about health and fitness...irrelevant.) I tweeted maybe twice a month. It was a total joke. Then, I discovered the power of social media marketing and want to help you see just how powerful these platforms are.

At first, it seems impossible to find your peeps and grow your following. But, it’s not. I doubled my Twitter following in 15 days. It was crazy to me! Now, looking back at the changes I’ve made, it’s not that surprising. Since then, my growth rate has been steady.

Social media drives 80% of my website traffic.

Are you taking full advantage of your business social media platforms? If time is in question for you, then the answer is probably no.

We all have the same 24 hours in each day. I’m going to show you exactly how I spend 20-30 minutes at the beginning of the day scheduling my social media posts through a couple of different systems. I rarely touch social media again the rest of the day.


Social media marketing made easy! Automate all of your social media tasks so you can focus on your online business. Rules for Twitter and Pinterest!

Our first order of business is understanding which social media platforms are right for you. I always say that in the social media world more is not always merrier. Choose which social media platforms are right for you and learn how to set them up for success here.

I LOVE Instagram and Facebook. I used to spend so much time there until I saw how Twitter and Pinterest drive more traffic to my website. I’ve learned that Twitter and Pinterest are the platforms that need and deserve my attention daily and that’s where I commit those 30 minutes each morning.

Rules for Twitter:

  1. Tweet 5-10 times each day. Consistency is key. You want to remind your audience of your name, your brand, and how cool you are by tweeting often and consistently. Break your tweets up in a way that you share your content, other’s content, and engage with your audience with fun personable tweets. Never set up your tweets to share only your content for an entire day. No one likes a know it all, show it all!

  2. Besides your committed 5-10 tweets, spend a few minutes going through liking, responding, and commenting on other tweets in your niche. To make this task even quicker I started a ‘list’. A list is like a segment or a group that you can create on your twitter profile where you can add people you follow. You can separate the people you follow based on their tweets or their niches by adding them to different lists. Once you create your list and add your favorite tweeters, you can simply open twitter each morning and scroll through the list and see only their tweets. You won’t waste any time scrolling through irrelevant topics that you don’t want to share or respond to. The list that I spend the most time on is ‘Fav Female Entrepreneurs’. I follow about 300 people and don’t have time to scroll through all of their tweets to see what my fav 20 have had to say that day. I only added women to my ‘morning routine list’ who tweet things that I relate to or that relate to my audience. I know that if I take 60 seconds to scroll through this list, I will find at least 10 tweets to like and at least 2 to retweet for my audience. Zero. Time. Wasted. Boom.

  3. Follow at least 5 people in your niche each day. Twitter is a community. Reach out and follow new people to expand your network!

Rules for Pinterest:

  1. PIN A LOT. I use two different scheduling systems for Pinterest. I schedule a bulk of my daily pins on one platform and then another handful on the other. The way you schedule on each platform is very different and convenient at different times - I’ll explain more in a bit. I pin about 55 Pins per day. It honestly wouldn’t hurt to pin even more!

  2. Create multiple, cohesive boards with names that are searchable by your potential customers. Enter the category and description of each board and use awesome keywords in that description.

  3. Make sure that you don’t have any pins with broken links. Pinterest hates broken links and if you have them, they won’t put your pins out on the Smart Feed. Before you repin, click on the item you’re pinning to make sure that it brings you to a legit website. If it opens the assigned link, then it isn’t broken. You can simply click out and repin it! This sounds like a process, but I assure you that your clicking becomes extremely fast.

  4. Create searchable descriptions for your pins, especially the pins of your content. You want to use searchable keywords, include the title, and your niche. For example, I always find a way to include the words ‘blogger’ and ‘entrepreneur’. I may say something like ‘The Title: For Bloggers and New Entrepreneurs’.

How do I rock my social media marketing in only 30 minutes with all of those rules???

I use two online scheduling systems for all of my social media posts - Buffer and Board Boosters.

You can start out for free, but to optimize your social media accounts and gain massive amounts of exposure plus traffic to your site I recommend the paid versions. They cost me about $20-$25 each month (combined). Sometimes it’s best to just bite the bullet and invest in yourself. The turnaround is more than worth it.


I use Buffer to schedule my daily Tweets, my Facebook Page posts, and a few pins to Pinterest.

My main focus on Buffer is my Twitter account. Buffer has an optimal scheduling tool that shows you when your account receives the most engagement. I tell Buffer that I want to schedule 10 tweets everyday for those times. Now, all I have to do is fill in the blanks to the schedule.

Buffer is the bomb because they have a buffer button that you can download when you setup your account. No matter which website you visit you can Buffer it to be tweeted, pinned or posted. There is also a Buffer button that pops up on images, just like the Pin It button. This makes it extremely easy to schedule any image you see!

My morning routine inside Buffer:

  • I go to my own website and Buffer 3 of my own posts

  • Then I go to three of my favorite bloggers’ websites and buffer one of their latest posts (sharing is caring)

  • Then I buffer an inspirational quote

  • Add a retweet or two of someone else’s cool tweet

  • And if there is still room in the Buffer schedule, I add a Call To Action to visit me on Facebook or Pinterest

  • Once the schedule is filled, I go to my Buffer dashboard and rearrange them really fast so that my posts are tweeted out in the morning, afternoon and night


** Remember when I said I schedule Pins on both online scheduling systems? When I Buffer those 10 to tweet, in the same box that pops up you have the option to also Pin it to one of your boards. It takes no extra time to click on a board to pin a blog post image to Pinterest at the same scheduled time. So, there’s 10 Pins already for the day!

Board Booster:

I use Board Booster to schedule all of my pins to Pinterest for the day. It’s the quickest, most painless scheduling system out there. It’s so easy to schedule massive amounts of pins at one time. You can even bulk schedule pins through Board Boosters on your phone when you have time to kill like waiting in line, riding in the car (not driving), in the elevator, etc.

It’s $5 per 500 pins. 500 pins lasts me about 11 days, so it’s not too shabby.

You choose which boards you want to schedule pins for in your BB dashboard. I only schedule pins to 4 of my main business boards. BB then automatically creates secret boards with the exact same name for you. You schedule your pins by bulk pinning to your secret boards - see how you can do this on your phone when you’re wasting time waiting somewhere?? Then, BB pins them sporadically throughout the day to your visible boards and deletes the pin in your secret board.

Highlight on the word sporadically. Pinterest is a feed that you scroll through just like every other social media platform. You don’t want to pin all 50 Pins at once in the morning. That would drive everyone nuts and you wouldn’t gain any exposure the rest of the day. I schedule 10 Pins each day to three of my boards and 15 Pins to my most popular board. It’s a beautiful cycle that you don’t even have to think about!

Remember the Pinterest rule: Check for broken links before you Pin it to your secret board.


Of course, I created a surprise for you to make this even easier!

Here is a daily social media checklist and cheat sheet that you can go through while working on your social media marketing. It walks you through everything that we talked about today! Download it below.