Screw dreams and goals. You need an action plan!

What would you say is the most important element in building a SUCCESSFUL online business?

You’re probably thinking “make more sales”, “get more customers”, “find a way to make more money”, or “create an irresistible program”. You’re not wrong at all. I think the same things.

Especially in the beginning of our entrepreneurial journies, we measure success based on how much money we’re making because well… we need a solid good income to live on.

Screw dreams and goals in online business. You need an action plan! You need a strategy and a go-getter attitude to take action and turn your ideas into profit. Build a successful online business over here >>

If you really want to start up leveling your monthly income in your online business and experiencing freedom instead of constant trial and error, then you need an action plan. Setting goals isn't good enough. 

An action plan is where you take your ideas and your dreams and you make a plan to do the work to get there. In this case, it’s a plan to create something epic and then to sell the crap out of it because we want to hit our revenue goals, change our clients' lives somehow for the better, and consider ourselves “a successful business owner” right?

The biggest mistake I see bloggers and new biz owners make is hustling hard for months at a time trying to figure everything out on their own. I was there once. The constant try-try-try and no two ends meeting.

They constantly plan, schedule, dream, google…. Just to find themselves treading water.

Does this sound familiar??

Don't get me wrong planning and goal setting is extremely important for business owners. Without a thoughtful master plan and a goal to reach you would waste time and probably find yourself lost more times than not. 

But, you don't want to find yourself captive in the dreaming/planning stage. The only way to take a dream and turn it into reality is to go for it and TAKE ACTION. 

It won't be perfect, you'll make mistakes and you will learn along the way. That's how you get places. Don't strive for perfection, strive to simply do something about your dreams daily. 

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I have been able to build a highly profitable business online with an engaging audience all while traveling 75% of the year! Nothing was perfect when I started out and nothing is ever perfect now. I just stopped waiting and TOOK ACTION. 

Take action and do the work now so that you can rest easy and enjoy life. Such a cliche but you really do deserve it.