(Bonus: Online Business Tools)

If you’re anything like me, you have a million mediocre entrepreneurial ideas and one INCREDIBLE idea.

When I was working part time in college I would always critique the business (to myself) and think of ways that I could make their advertising and social media better. I knew there were ways that they could be bringing in more revenue. I worked on the floor in sales. If only I could have gotten my hands on their marketing. That was one of my entrepreneurial ideas that never simmered. I knew there were other businesses with poor social media management that would have needed my idea too. I could have made something major happen, but I had absolutely no idea how to turn it into anything more than an idea.


I’m going to use my story as an example to walk you through the process of creating a highly profitable career for yourself. I do want to point out that you can turn any of your expertise into an online business. Your strengths are someone else’s weakness, and there are SO many people out there willing to pay you for your help.


Your business doesn’t have to be committed to one singular way of profit. Multiple streams of income is where financial comfort is at. In fact, it’s smart to always have at LEAST three streams of income pouring into your bank account. If one of your products or services turns out to be a total flop, then you have a plan B and a plan C. Now that’s security. You could sell a physical product that helps your audience in your area of expertise, an eBook to walk them through a certain process, an online course that teaches the same thing or something related, and you could charge for high end one-on-one coaching.

Think about the ways you can turn your ideas into products and let’s get started!


Week 1

  1. Establish your AH-MAY-ZING idea. How well can you help someone and fill a need or discomfort with your business idea? Research other products or services out there that try to fill this same need. What do you like about these products? How can you do it better? How can you show your authenticity and set yourself apart from them?

  2. Come up with your business name. This can be tricky because you may have your mind set on a name but there may be someone out there with something too similar. Google your business name. Make sure that the domain name for your business name is available, as well as the username on all social media platforms. I tested for my domain name by googling the domain name and by setting up my website on Squarespace. When I went to pick my domain name in Squarespace, my top two choices (with .com) were already taken. Thank God they were because I LOVE After seeing that they were taken, I was so upset that my thoroughly thought through, “perfect” domain names were unavailable. THEN, right before I fell asleep that night, I rolled over and nudged my husband and said, “Blissful Bosses”. He loved being included in helping me establish my last business’s name, so of course he was all over it. He sat up and said I LIKE IT! My new baby had a name haha! All this to say, don’t get discouraged when your top pick isn’t available. It’s a sign that your perfect business name hasn’t entered your brain yet ;)

  3. Create your website. Do not use the free self-hosted Wordpress platform, If you choose to use Wordpress, use and choose a hosting service that will scale with your business. For more details on how to use Wordpress check this out. Your hosting platform is your house for all of your website files. My favorite hosting platforms are Siteground and Bluehost. Another website platform that is more limited in customization but extremely user-friendly (aka. you don’t have to know the ins and outs of coding) is Squarespace. Their templates are very stylish and easy to customize for your business. You can do a lot more with Wordpress but it can be time-consuming and a major headache. So, choose your battles! More on website creation here.

  4. Spend some time adding your 'about me' page to your website. Let visitors know who you are and that you’re here to make their lives easier! Their visual experience is a priority so make sure you include a high-quality image of yourself and craft your copy like THIS.


Week 2

  1. Add a blog page to your website. Never thought of yourself as a blogger?! You have valuable information to share now! Spend 3 days writing 3 extremely actionable, helpful blog posts for your ideal client.
  2. Create images to go with each blog post. Not Photoshop savvy? That’s ok. works great! Make an image that is eye catching and makes everyone want to Pin the heck out of it! Research your favorite blogs to see how their images are designed. What makes you want to pin them to Pinterest?

  3. Enable the “Pin It” button on your website. Visitors love pinning articles for later. Make it easy on them by having a one click Pin It button to share your content to their Pinterest peeps. How-to for Squarespace. How-to for Wordpress.

  4. Edit your blog posts and insert your images about two to 5 paragraphs down. I like this photo placement so that there is a fun visual break between reading!



Week 3

  1. Choose which social media platforms are right for you. You don’t have to be on every single platform. In fact, I highly recommend that you choose a few to excel on! Here are my tips and tricks to start your business accounts and how to choose which ones are right for you. Through this article, you will write your bio/about me section, set your profile images, learn about using hashtags to your advantage, how to create a style guide to keep your accounts cohesive with your brand’s image, and more!

  2. Once your accounts are created, go ahead and share your first three blog posts! Pin your own image with a scroll stopping description. Tweet it out including an enticing description and a shortened link.  Post it to your business FB page with more of a personable message, FB likes stories and longer descriptions. You can also make a post on Instagram with your image, a summary of your post and include the link in your bio. I like to tweet out and Pin a new blog post three times on the day I publish it. This is totally acceptable on Twitter and Pinterest! Instagram, not so much.

  3. Use your social media accounts to attract your target audience. Social media drives almost ALL of my website traffic. That’s HUGE. Social media managing can also be extremely time consuming, and you can waste half of your day’s work on your platforms when you should have been creating more useful content for your readers. I have some dirty little social media marketing secrets though…. I only spend about 30 minutes each day on social media. You can pick up on them fast and you’ll totally have to email me and let me know how your business accounts grew!


Week 4

  1. Create your product. What will you create first? Will you create an eBook, a physical product, an online course, or do one-on-one coaching? I’ll tell you how I started out so that you can get some hard cash in your pocket pronto! I started my business with one-on-one coaching. I charged $500 per month for a 1-hour coaching session each week. Depending on their goals, I coached women through weight loss, fitness, and reverse dieting. I had a Work-With-Me page on my website where I explained exactly how I could help them. At the bottom of the page, I invited them to schedule a free discovery call with me to ask questions and to assess what they would be needing. This was so much fun and I got a taste for the entrepreneurial world. A few months later, I created a 7 part eBook teaching women how to create a business like the one I had made for myself. This was a great addition to my income and I really enjoyed creating the content! That led me to this business at Blissful Bosses. It doesn’t matter how you start, you simply need to START! Get your name out there and share your knowledge! Make your first $2K in 90 days with my tech training and promotion-to-profit process HERE.

  2. Create a separate business PayPal account. There are other ways to receive payment from your clients but PayPal has been the best for me. If you’re not a PayPal fan, I have a few business friends that love Swipe!

  3. Create your discovery call scheduling account if you go the coaching route. I use to set up my calendar and create a unique link for potential clients to click and schedule with me. You will also need to create an account on a conference call system unless you want to call them on your own personal number (which I don’t recommend). I am attaching a list of some business tools and resources that I use in my business on a regular basis at the bottom of this post. Download the attachment sheet to see which scheduling and organization tools I use so that can go set these accounts up. Most of them are free!

  4. Create your sales page. This is your time to shine. You want your potential customers to feel like you are speaking directly to them, like you’re reading their minds and know exactly what they need. In order to accomplish this you will need to research the way they word their problems, which blogs they’re reading, and the tone of writing they enjoy (friendly, informative, nurturing, etc.). Look in Facebook groups in your niche, on blog comments, and on Twitter chats related to your product. Pay close attention to the questions they ask. Tell them how you understand their need and exactly how you’re going to fix it. Show them what their ideal outcome looks like. Give them an example of their results. Then, tell them exactly who this is for, and who it isn’t for. This can be scary for new business owners because you want anyone and everyone to purchase your product. But, it’s actually beneficial for you to weed out the people that it isn’t for right off of the bat. Those people probably wouldn’t buy anyways. This tactic makes a firework go off in your ideal customer’s head and they say THAT’S ME!!! 

That's the breakdown of what it takes to get started and execute greatness! Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it is. Successful businesses aren't made while you sip pina coladas by the beach... you have to work to get to the point where your business RUNS while you sip pina coladas on the beach.

You’ve got this. I know you can do it! Commit just 4 weeks and pursue something that you truly love. You deserve it!


What now?!

Promote your business like your life depends on it.

Go through this social media marketing checklist every single day to see rapid growth in your following and website traffic!

As promised, here is my list of business resources and tools that I use on the daily. Download it below!