How to streamline your online business and work part time while maintaining $10K profit months

I’m a mom of two under two, a traveling baseball wife, and run 2 online businesses. I’m sure your life is busy too, but every moment of the day I feel like I live in the most unnatural form of chaos on the planet!!!

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When I first started running my coaching business, I was working 8-12 hours a day depending on if my husband was away for road games or home. When we found out I was pregnant with my soon to be two year old, I became obsessed with learning everything there was to know about sales funnels, systems, and automation.

I knew I wanted to take a long maternity leave from my laptop. I knew we still needed the income (because hello minor league pay). And I knew that the 4 hour workweek was my destiny.

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I use to create sales funnels. Clickfunnels is so awesome because it’s easy to use, links each page in the sales funnel seamlessly, and has increased my conversion rates drastically. I have a few simple sales funnels where you start at an opt-in page for a freebie, and are then redirected through a funnel where I have automated my sales strategy! #timefreedom


Take a step back and evaluate everything that you would like to do or are currently doing in your business. What gives you the best ROT (return on time, is that a thing?)? If you’re tweeting 5 times a day and only seeing 5% of your page views coming from Twitter, I’d give up my time tweeting if I were you. If you’re giving out free PDFs with a 5 part email sequence follow up every other week and only seeing 1 or 2 sales from that effort, I’d start giving webinars and live streaming to deliver that content. Figure out what is working, what isn’t, and stop doing every task google has to offer. Focus your time on 2-4 content delivering tasks. For me, I only blog/pin blog posts, give 5 day challenges, and work on sales funnels. What works for your audience?


Oh my gosh, where would I be without my success team?? Delegating all Design, Copy Editing, Bookkeeping, Pinterest, and Facebook has been life changing for me. This team is new to me but helping me thrive like never before. 

Design stressed me out, I still did it and wasn’t bad at it, but it took a lot of time. Lindsey can do it in ¼ of the time. Delegated.

I SUCKED at english in school. Meshell copy edits so naturally she does it on accident as she reads. Copy Editing, delegated.

Pinterest and Facebook marketing isn’t my genius but is Jena’s. Delegated. 

I’m going to share them with you for a limited time to help you skyrocket your business to $10K+ profit months. Hire my team and I HERE