How To Start An Online Business In 4 Weeks

I’m going to give you tangible ways to get started but first I want you to know that your first “draft” isn’t permanent. Your product will evolve over time, your website design will constantly be tweaked, and your business model will be developed further as you see what works for you and what doesn’t. 

You just have to START. Take action. Even if you’re only making baby steps, it’s time to get out of the dreaming phase and jump into the creation phase.

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Week 1:

1. Research your business idea.

How well can you help someone and fill a need or discomfort with your business idea? Research other products or services out there that try to fill this same need. What do you like about these products? What do you dislike about them? How can you do it better? How can you show your authenticity and set yourself apart from them?  

2. Establish your profitable messaging.

Your message is what sets you apart from others in your industry and attracts your ideal client to your brand. Your message is your story, your sales copy, the words that develop your readers’ trust and turn them into a loyal follower. 

3. Create your website or landing page.

I use Squarespace for my website (sales page, blog, and about me) and ClickFunnels to create sales funnels, landing pages for webinar registration pages, training videos, challenge registration pages, and to give away free PDFs in exchange for email addresses. Stressed just thinking about creating all of this for yourself? Check out how you can work directly with my Success Team HERE.

4. Add your about me page to your website.

Let visitors know who you are and how you’re here to make their lives easier! Be human, tell them about how you got started and about your journey. Add a professional headshot so that they can put a name to a face!


Week 2:

1. Add a blog page to your website.

Never thought of yourself as a blogger?! You have valuable information to share now! This is a space where you can start showing off your knowledge. Spend 3 days writing 3 actionable, helpful blog posts for your ideal client.

2. Create images to go with each blog post.

Not Photoshop savvy? That’s ok. You can adopt my design assistant HERE or works great too! Research your favorite blogs to see how their images are designed. What makes you want to pin them to Pinterest? How could you make them better?

3. Enable the “Pin It” button on your website.

Visitors love pinning articles for later. Make it easy on them by having a one click Pin It button to share your content to their Pinterest peeps.

4. Upload your blog posts and insert your images.

Place the images about two to 5 paragraphs down. I like this photo placement so that there is a fun visual break between text.




Week 3:

1. Choose which social media platforms are right for you.

You don’t have to be on every single platform. In fact, I highly recommend that you choose a few to excel on! Here are my tips and tricks to start your business accounts and how to choose which ones are right for you. Through this article you will write your bio/about me section, set  your profile images, learn about using hashtags to your advantage, how to create a style guide to keep your accounts cohesive with your brand’s image, and more!

2. Once your accounts are created, go ahead and share your first three blog posts!

Pin your own image with a scroll stopping description, Tweet it out including a shortened link, post it to your business FB page, make a post on Instagram with your image and a summary of your post and include the link in your bio. I like to tweet out and Pin a new blog post three times on the day I publish it. This is totally acceptable on Twitter and Pinterest! Instagram, not so much.

3. Use your social media accounts to attract your target audience.

Social media drives almost ALL of my website traffic. Social media managing can also be extremely time consuming and you can waste half of your day’s work on your platforms when you should have been creating more useful content for your readers. I recommend adopting my team HERE or developing a social media scheduling system that works for you.


Week 4:

1. Create your product.

What will you create first? Will you create an eBook, an online course, or a private coaching program? It doesn’t matter how you start, you simply need to START! Get your name out there, give them a way to work with you and share your message like your life depends on it!

2. Create your sales page.

This is your time to shine. You want your potential customers to feel like you are speaking directly to them, like you’re reading their minds and know exactly what they need. In order to accomplish this you will need to research the way they word their problems, which blogs they’re reading, and the tone of writing they enjoy (friendly, informative, nurturing, etc.). Look in Facebook groups in your niche, on blog comments, and on Twitter chats related to your product. Pay close attention to the questions they ask. Tell them how you understand their need and exactly how you’re going to fix it. I’ll help you write this irresistible page and my team will design it for you HERE.


I’ve created a free blueprint for you to market your new masterpiece to the masses!

In this workbook you will receive my 8 week marketing calendar that I go through when promoting a new product. I explain what types of content you should be sharing and how often.