Common mistakes and how to avoid them

7 most common mistakes made when building your empire

Wouldn't you love it if someone told you how to avoid all the mistakes you've made over the last 5 years? 10 years even?

Some mistakes teach necessary lessons that have played a huge role in where you are today, but some situations only cost you time. People may argue that success happens in God’s perfect timing or the Universe’s timing and so that's why we go through so many obstacles to reach our goals. But it’s also wise to seek counsel from those who have "been there, done that."  

I have started 4 businesses in the last 5 years and every startup has been quicker and easier!

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I want to share the top 7 mistakes that I made when budding a business, and the mistakes I very often notice my clients making when they first come to me.

  1. Mistake #1 Being flaky.

    • Yes, I said flaky.  It's hard to be consistent! I hear you. I’ve been there. Consistency is key to your online business success. There are dozens of other influencers in your industry who are tweeting, posting in Facebook groups, hosting challenges, giving webinars, live streaming, etc. If you want to be the one that catches attention, stops their scrolling action because they MUST listen, you have to be consistent with your content and keep the value pouring out. A way to make this easier on yourself, and a way to attract a large crowd, is to run a series. Maybe you host a 31 day detox or 21 productivity practices to a more efficient life. The concept is that you outline your content for 21 or 31 days and deliver a piece of that content every single day until you’ve completed it! This works because your audience is expecting the next piece to the puzzle every single day.  They’re ready to hang out with YOU because they’ve been anticipating it.

  2. Mistake #2 Not putting yourself out there.

    • Afraid of YouTube, giving webinar presentations, hosting a podcast, writing a blog for everyone to see, or hosting a Facebook group where you're the leader? You need to bust through that block TODAY. You won't make it in the online business world unless you give it your all.  Your all means putting yourself out there even when you're nervous about it! Do what it takes and don't think twice about it.  You are going to be better and better at this the more you complete these types of tasks.

  3. Mistake #3 Limiting, negative mindset.

    • When you have a poverty, desperate, I’m -not -gonna -get any-clients -this - month mindset, success will be extremely hard for you to accomplish. It will be hard for you to work efficiently because your emotions won't have high energy. You'll definitely feel stressed, anxious and desperate. Those negative emotions will overflow into how you pitch your products. People can sense desperation.  Desperation portrays that you're not making sales therefore your product must not be good enough to buy. BUT IT IS good enough! You just have to believe that, and go into every situation with the thought, “I’m about to make 10 sales!” In order to make 10 sales you have to believe and know that you’re capable of making 10 sales!  You can do this!

  4. Mistake #4 Being impersonal in writing and speaking.

    • I used to write and speak as if I were a super professional know it all. I didn't create any meaningful relationships because my audience wasn't getting to know the real me. As soon as I started being my awkward self that says “freaking” all the time and “umm” because I'm human and absolutely want to talk to you guys without having a million talking bullet points, I really got to know my audience. I receive emails back, Facebook messages, and more comments on my posts from people just engaging with me. Relationships are important for success because the connection sells. How are you making a connection?

  5. Mistake #5 Not outsourcing.

    • You may not be ready for this step yet and that’s ok! I wasn’t until about a year into my business. But I have to tell you, the sooner you outsource some of your to-do list, the more you can accomplish and the more money you will make. Delegating has allowed me to create more content for more in depth webinar workshops, to be really present with my daughter throughout the day instead of multitasking, and to just focus on the content and the message I want to get to you guys.  For example, spending hours designing PDFs is just something I do not like to do!  There may be something you would rather not do as well.  What would you love to outsource? 

  6. Mistake #6 Not investing in training to help move forward faster.

    • To stay ahead of the game you don't need to constantly be in catch up mode, correct? That doesn't add up. To stay ahead of the game, you have to quickly GET AHEAD and follow someone you admire to STAY AHEAD. (Or you could just work all day every single day and figure it out. You may experience burnout and not want to work on your biz at all. Been there.) After hustling on my own for nearly a year and working 10 hours a day without making more than $200 a month, I finally decided I needed to get AHEAD of the game and get out of catch-up mode. I hired my first business coach and after one month my income was up $500, then $1000!  I kept giving myself a PAY RAISE because someone was showing me where to spend my time, and all he best ways to get my message out there

  7. Mistake #7 Always consuming and comparing other’s content.

    • There is a lot of really good, free and paid content out there. But here's the thing, each and every day is one day that you could be closer to reaching your business goals. Every hour is one hour that you could have been creating your next sales funnel, webinar, online course, email sequence, etc. Use your time to take action! Commit to investing time into ONE training or ONE mentor’s advice and spend the rest of your time taking action for YOUR ideas and YOUR dream. Don't fall into the never ending cycle of fulfilling others’ dreams by sitting there inhaling their content all day every day. You have your own dreams to fulfill!


Like I said, some mistakes are necessary for growth….. but the 7 listed are things you can absolutely avoid to get a jump start on creating your empire.

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All my best,

Brie Beeks


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