Launching Your Products & Services For Maximum Exposure

You have something special to offer the world and you’ve packaged your expertise into a free or paid offering.

But there's one little problem... You don't have a huge following and don't know how to gain exposure on your masterpiece.

It's time to go into LAUNCH MODE! (Kind of like beast mode. Well honestly the two should be interchangable.)

Going into launch mode means that you spend a scheduled period of time (usually 3 to 4 weeks) creating buzz around your offering.

Launch your products and services for maximum exposure and sales with my blueprint filled with example content and live events to hold.

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I hate to break it to you, but there is no ONE perfect launch plan.

Some business owners LOVE giving live webinars, some swear by Periscope, and others have loads of success with email challenges. Your launches will all look a little different because different strategies will tap into your passions. But what I do have is a blueprint that I have used time and time again that has brought me amazing results - massive leaps in exposure AND sales. I’ll be giving you a list of strategies for you to pick and choose what you’d like to implement and then you simply plug them into the provided blueprint.

Your launch can be as extravagant or as simple as you'd like. You can load yourself up and work long hours implementing anything and everything, or you can choose a few strategies that will still work wonders but will allow you more time freedom during your launch.

This workbook was created to inform you of my launch strategies that have been a huge success in my businesses and to help you figure out which tactics you would like to implement. I have also created an example schedule to show you when to put those strategies to work throughout your launch. Timing is everything!

Launching is never easy. There's a lot more work to do compared to the everyday life in your business. You will be hosting more events and creating double the amount of content. When you experience the results, you'll see that  going into launch mode is more than worth it and super exciting! Lots to do, so let’s get to work! 

Download my workbook, LAUNCH MODE, below!

If you would like to work with me privately where I will show you exactly how to build your empire, click here to see what my team and I can do for you.

The importance of blogging as an entrepreneur (and how to connect with your ideal client)

So you’re not a blogger, and you hate writing.

In the beginning, I wasn’t a fan either.

I don’t necessarily enjoy writing; however, I do love producing blog content to connect with you and help you grow your business. After you read my blog, I hope you leave feeling inspired and motivated to go out and take action towards your business dreams.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether you need to add a blog to your new business site, in short, my answer is yes.

You could get away with just marketing the crap out of your sales page, but I can’t guarantee that that will be enough to convince your website visitors to hand you their hard earned cash.

Busting Myths About Success In Online Business

Sometimes it’s kind of hard to sift out the truth in a pile of rumors and myths.

I’ve been around the block a time or two in the online business world. So today I wanted to let you in on the TRUTH and bust some bull crap myths that I’ve been hearing.

You may have a very ambitious personality and have at least a million entrepreneurial ideas that would be highly profitable. But something is holding you back. Maybe it’s the fear of failure or maybe it’s the chance that half of the things you hear about entrepreneurship are true.

Let me ask you this…

Are you happy in your lifestyle right now? Are you happy with the way things are going financially?

If not, then I would be more afraid of staying put right where you are. Every day that you put off pursuing your passion is another day that you could have been one step closer to waking up ecstatic to get to work, waking up to time freedom, and waking up to being financially free.


Busting myths about success in online business. Online business is where real job security is at. Use your passion to create time and financial freedom for yourself! Click through to see how!


Let's put a dent in that fear and replace it with a go-getter attitude. 


Myth 1: “Running a successful online business requires MORE time than working in the corporate world. I’m trying to free up my time so that’s obviously not for me.”

In the beginning of growing your business, I’ll be honest, you have to grind it out and it takes a little more effort. But as soon as you’ve created your products, put your systems in place, and automated social media, you start to experience more time with your loved ones and the freedom to do what you want to do whenever you want to do it!

There is a learning curve as a new business owner just like anything else that you try to accomplish. But it’s only that - a learning curve. You get through it and time really starts to become a freedom that you get to enjoy!


Myth 2: “Passive income is impossible and just words that online business owners throw around.”

Passive income is income that you make because you created a product once and it gets sold over and over again through automated systems in your business. It isn’t impossible.

Digital info products are some of the most passive, popular products in the online business realm right now. Passive income is only impossible for those who won’t put forth the effort to create it for themselves.


Myth 3: “You have to invest so much money in an online business that you actually don’t even end up making a profit.”

I’ll admit that I’ve made one or two bad investments… but I’ve also made one or two EXCELLENT investments that have brought me tenfolds the amount of money that I put in.

You may have heard this myth from people who have spent thousands on ads. I haven’t spent a dime on ads and plenty of people are exposed to my product! You can be a wise investor. I know how to make good investments in my business that always make me more money than I put out so they’re well worth it. You can too!


Myth 4: “The tech stuff is way too hard and I’m just not cut out for that.”

I’m not either! I’m no tech guru and not having a clue what’s on the other side of different software is just intimidating. But as soon as you actually open it up… it’s literally no big deal. I’m not even joking.

It’s just the ‘not knowing’ that makes it super scary. I use a lot of software and systems that are user friendly and have tiny learning curves. I use Squarespace which is literally made for you and me. SO easy to use! If I can do it….. And I’m not just saying this…. YOU CAN TOO!


Myth 5: “You have to know people and have an audience already to make this “online biz” stuff work.”

Excuses, excuses! I knew ZERO peeps in this industry and I had zero people on my email list when I got started. I grew my list from 0-850 in 60 days. You just have to START. You have to start your business, find your type of people, and then put yourself out there on social media. Engaging with other people in your industry isn’t hard and your following will grow rapidly with a plan and consistency.


Myth 6: “I don’t have an expertise or anything to share with the world. I wouldn’t make any money because I’m not an expert.”

You have a skill and a strength that a group of people out there need. They need your guidence! You don’t even have to be seen as an expert in the beginning.

You see, you have to start your business and start creating your digital products in order to start being seen as an expert. You can’t become an expert and then start creating your products. It just doesn’t work that way! You create and provide resources first!


Myth 7: “You have to pay your dues and rough it for awhile before you hit a breakthrough. I’d be broke for awhile and I have a family that I need to support!”

That’s not true. You can build your landing page, create your digital product, and start promoting it to bring in consistent full-time income in 90 days or less.

You just have to commit and put your mind to the creation process - which isn’t even hard! If you’re ready to create your first digital product and sell the crap out of it then just do it. No time wasted.


Myth 8: “I get overwhelmed really easily and actually just thinking about creating something stresses me out.”

I’ve created multiple digital products, promoted them, and have consistently brought in full-time passive income. It wasn’t easy at first. It got messy every now and then. If you don’t know how to create a product and form a solid promotion plan then you may get overwhelmed and stressed. You may make a few wrong turns.


That’s why I created my signature course Your Passionate Online Biz. So that you don’t have to spend a year in trial and error and loads of frustration like I did in my first full year in online business.

Enrollment for Your Passionate Online Biz opens again soon! It walks you through step-by-step on how to create 3 different types of digital products, how to promote them, how to grow your email list like crazy, and how to create your sales page to maximize sales.  

If you’re ready to create a life of freedom for yourself, digital products and my proven promotion strategies are what you need, grab the free prerequisite course to be put on the VIP list for an early bird announcement and price when enrollment opens. 


If you’re anything like me, you have a million mediocre entrepreneurial ideas and one INCREDIBLE idea. When I was working part time in college I would always critique the business (to myself) and think of ways that I could make their advertising and social media better. I knew there were ways that they could be bringing in more revenue. I worked on the floor in sales. If only I could have gotten my hands on their marketing. That was one of my entrepreneurial ideas that never simmered. I knew there were other businesses with poor social media management that would have needed my idea too. I could have made something major happen, but I had absolutely no idea how to turn it into anything more than an idea.


I’m going to use my story as an example to walk you through the process of creating a highly profitable career for yourself. I do want to point out that you can turn any of your expertise into an online business. Your strengths are someone else’s weakness, and there are SO many people out there willing to pay you for your help.

HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR NEW BUSINESS - make 6 figures in your first year

You started out with an idea and developed a business plan. Well, because let’s face it. Working a 9-to-5 for someone else is the last thing on earth that you want to do. So you decided to be your own boss, dreaming up what to do each day, and work from wherever you want.

Now, you’re in a position where you have this business (yay) with a tiny audience. You want to be seen by the masses, but you don’t know where to begin.

How do these bloggers and entrepreneurs make 6 figures in their first year, when I can barely get 5 people to view my website a day?