4 STEPS TO START A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS: make $5K-$10K per month as an online entrepreneur

80% of millionaires are self-employed. They had a dream and went for it. They didn’t inherit their money. They acquired it with THEIR efforts. If you're good at basically anything and have an idea to use your expertise, it would really suck to spend your life making someone else rich - giving them freedom of time and finances. Your boss started out the same way that you are now. With an idea and a way to draw in customers. 

How could you make someone's life easier? 

What sparked your interest and created this new entrepreneurial dream? Is there a discomfort or need that you discovered? Did you stumble on a way that YOU could fill this need? Everyone has some level of expertise. You may be very good at social media marketing or organizing. No matter what it is, you have developed some sort of talent or acquired some form of useful information over the years.

There are no two humans alike. We have all been through different ups and downs and have all had different life experiences. This need or discomfort that you found doesn’t have to be drastic. It could be a very small need, feeling, or a slight discomfort. For example, weight-loss, different aspects of motherhood, different aspects of marriage, a need for comedy, fashion, home interior, cooking, pollution, stress, and anxiety, etc.

How could you fill a need based on your experiences and expertise for profit? You could coach clients through a life event or something that you have developed an expertise in, write and sell hard copies or eBooks, public speaking events, a service, or sell a physical product.

Your business ideas are incredible, I'm sure. Now, what are you going to do with them? How are you going to get started? Here are 4 steps to take to turn your ideas into success.

Website Creation:

  • Your website is your brick and mortar business building…online. You want to design this building in as much detail as you would if you were having a building built for you. Your website is more of an investment of time and creativity instead of money. Your website can be rather cheap to keep up, but they are only successful if they are designed to perform ahead of the game.

  • To start your online business space creation, you will need a website hosting platform. Many are confused about this step. Your hosting platform houses, serves and maintains the files on your website(s). You can choose to have them back up all of your files, speed up your site, and most have a service hotline that you can call if you are having website related issues. Their customer service comes in handy if you’re not super tech savvy and have no idea where to turn when problems arise.

  • I recommend BlueHost and SiteGround for hosting, especially if you’re going to have a Wordpress website. I have a Wordpress website hosted by SiteGround and a Squarespace website that they host themselves.

  • Once you’ve decided which platforms to use, it’s time to start designing your online space! Wordpress and SquareSpace have beautiful templates/themes that you can choose to help you get started. Once you’ve decided on a template, you want to be consistent with colors and fonts throughout your website in order to maintain a clean, attractive, memorable brand. Spend some time on your favorite blogs and websites. What attracts you to them visually? I also like to make a separate secret Pinterest board and Pin images with colors and fonts that inspire and motivate me. Which colors and fonts inspire you?!


Social media for business:

  • We live in a visual world and need to give our audience an excellent visual experience. By adding a high-quality photo to your posts that are cohesive with your brand (style, fonts, and colors), they will see you as more of a professional and be attracted to your consistency.

  • Your business social media accounts have the potential to make a substantial impact on your business growth. How do you expand on social media? It’s simple, by being SOCIAL!  Engage with your audience and make social media friends in your niche. Follow them, like their posts and comment on their content. Put yourself out there and your name will gain exposure. You need to stay on their radar by posting often and connecting daily throughout your social media platforms. It’s a great opportunity to let potential clients see you as a professional and hear a little more about your expertise.

  • For more about social media accounts for business see this post: 10 WAYS TO STAND OUT AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS


Build your audience through an email funnel:

  • There are multiple ways that you can grab customers, launch and sell a product or online course, and make a one-time chunk of money. But to have a business that makes it to the top, you need ongoing sales. The best way to do that is by growing your tribe, your email list. Your email peeps opt-in to receive your emails for one of two reasons. They really like you and what you have to say, or you offer them something awesome for free (a lead magnet) in exchange for their email address. Growing your email list will give you access to a select group of people who you know are interested in what you do and listen to what you have to say. You don’t have to waste a lot of money on ads looking for your ideal customers, and you don’t have to sit there and wait praying that someone will see your promotion. You KNOW that your email tribe will see it and that at least a few of them will buy!

  • Give your audience an incentive for opting into your email list, a lead magnet. Set up a lead magnet that is very valuable to them! The best lead magnets are digital downloads (PDFs) or free email courses. Use attractive colors and fonts and make it the best freebie they’ve ever opted in for! They’ll notice the work you put into something that they received for free and be dying to see what kind of value they would receive for your paid programs!


Market and promote your biz like your life depends on it:

  • How do these bigwig bloggers and business owners spread their name so far and wide?! They WORK AT IT! Work through these tasks daily to get your brand out there. (Make your first $2K in 90 days with this tech training + promotion-to-profit process HERE.)

  1. Request to be a guest poster on other blogs in your niche. This will give you exposure to bigger audiences. Treat their audience like royalty and give them great value during the time you spend with them. When you are accepted to guest post, add a content upgrade (a freebie) to give their audience the opportunity to opt-in to your email list. 

  2. Join 3-5 engaging Facebook groups in your niche. Post often and comment on other people’s posts. Make friends and show your expertise in a ‘non-icky hey look at me’ way.

  3. Create epic blog content, and share your blog posts on all of your social media platforms.

  4. Post something valuable or memorable to your social media platforms often.


Empires aren’t built overnight. They take the startup elbow grease to create and then time to build. Consistently work to grow your audience and toughen your skin to endure the not so fun days, slow days, bad months, stress, and anxiety. Being your own boss takes a certain amount of mental toughness. If you want this bad enough, time and financial freedom, you will accomplish great things! With desire and determination, there’s nothing stopping you!


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