The 4 Reasons Why You Need To Start An Online Business In 2016 (and how to reach your revenue goals)

You’re scared. I get it. Trust me. You’re afraid to put yourself out there, to put your name on something for the world to see. Failure is always a big fear when it comes to trying something new.

But, I want to tell you why now is the time to take the leap, to put your big girl heels on (or tennies, whichever you prefer) and go for it.

Failure isn’t always an option. Especially not for those who have desire and drive. No isn’t always an answer. Some people think of opportunities as an option because in their mind there’s the chance that they’ll blow it and fail.

I want you to think of opportunities a little differently. As if they weren’t an option. I want you to think of opportunities as your next open door. Imagine that there’s no other door to go through except this door of opportunity. Deep down this is really the only door that you truly want to go through - and the only way you would go in a fearless world. You’ve spent so much time in the past making excuses that your judgement is clouded and you’re unsure of yourself. You’ve gotten used to the limits that fear creates.

It’s time to be the boss of fear. You’re managing your life now, not him. Put yourself in a mindset of not giving failure a chance, not taking no for an answer. When you allow yourself to eliminate limitations and engrave this new thought process in your mind, failure is never a product of your work. Your outcome may not always pan out exactly how you imagined, but NOW you make adjustments when the outcome turns out a little less than perfect.

Imperfection is not equivalent to failure.

In fact, imperfection is more interesting and more fruitful. In your imperfections you learn, you grow, and you achieve. Achievement and imperfection don’t go together? Oh, I missed the memo. They actually go hand in hand. In your imperfection, you are creative and make wrong turns that are oh so right. Your true self comes to the surface and that’s who we all want to see.



You have a dream, a passion, and 2016 has a door to opportunity open just for you. The opportunity to create time and financial freedom for yourself. The opportunity to use your experiences, your expertise, your skill set to make someone else’s life easier or better in some way.

There’s no better time than now. The systems and software are available to you. The strategies and processes have been established and researched thoroughly. - Make your first $2K in 90 days with this digital product tech training + promotion-to-profit process HERE. 

Here’s why you need to start an online business and pursue your passion in 2016:

  1. The freedom to do something that you truly love doing - What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning or what do you lay awake at night thinking about? That’s what you love. That’s what you should be pursuing daily. You deserve a life full of inspiration and joy. You may not be able to find a job pursuing your passion the way that you’d like but you can definitely create that job for yourself.

  2. The freedom to work from wherever you’d like - Do you want to stay in your pajamas all day and work from the couch? I definitely do some days ;). Or, do you want to travel and have no obligation to a stationary office? Working from your laptop gives you the ultimate freedom - to go and do whatever, whenever, and wherever you want. Does staying at home with your children or working poolside in Cabo sound like heaven? Yes. You. Can.

  3. The freedom of time - Time. Such a funny thing. It flies by and you can barely remember what you did 3 days ago. I’d hate for you to waste it. The freedom of time is one of my favorite benefits of owning my own online business. I don’t have to worry about waking up late for work if I slept restlessly the night before. If I’m inspired at 5 pm instead of 7 am, that’s when I work. If I want to do something fun on a Monday instead of working, I jump back in the grind on Tuesday without skipping a beat. If I want to take a week long vacation every single month, I can schedule my social media posts for that week well before I leave and no one would know I even left unless they follow me on snapchat of course. Finally, my biggest sigh of relief, I don’t have to worry about taking off work for maternity leave or ever returning back. You want to create this freedom for yourself sooner rather than later. Time is too precious and it’s fading constantly. Who do you want to spend more time with? Maybe you just need a few extra hours to take care of yourself - to take a bubble bath, get your nails done every once in awhile, pick up a new workout routine. Whatever it may be, it’s worth it.

  4. Financial freedom - This goal has never been at a closer reach. The opportunity to give yourself a constant raise is real and it’s right in front of you. You can start your online business and make $5K per month JUST STARTING OUT. The opportunities to create a raise for yourself are limitless. The numbers can be intimidating and you may think to yourself, “Yea right. That’s not me. Other people can do that, but not me.” You can. Every online business owner that you see are 100% normal human beings. They just wouldn’t take no for an answer and accepted imperfection as a chance for creativity and growth.

I won’t lie to you. It does take discipline. It does take a “not taking no for an answer” attitude. It takes consistency to build all 4 of these freedoms for yourself.

How would you even go about doing this, you ask?

By using your strengths to build up someone else’s weakness. We’ve all been through different things, walked through different journeys, developed different skill sets and pursued different industries. Your knowledge may be drastically different from mine. I may not know the first thing about some of your expertise. If your strengths are my weakness then at some point I may really need you. If you think you’re not good at anything, you’re wrong. If we talked for only 30 minutes I could probably tell you exactly how you could help someone else who is lacking in areas that you aren’t.

To reach your revenue goals in online business, package your best self into a product or service. A digital product - an online course, Ebook, PDF guide, webinar training series, etc. If you love to teach and interact with others on a deeper level, you could coach individuals and help them get through something that you’ve accomplished.

Remember, you’re the boss of your life, not fear. Fear tells you that you don’t have time, money, skills, or that you simply couldn’t do it. But, you seriously CAN. Everything is already created for you, systems and strategies tested for you, just waiting for your taking.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t miss your next door. It’s wide open and filled with opportunity for the months to come.  

You can be successful and create the lifestyle you want. All you need is someone to show you the way!

Here is a PDF of the business tools and resources that I use daily. They keep me sane, help me stay organized, and help me to automate a lot of my business. Download it below.