38 Topics That You Could Teach In A Webinar (+ how to grow your email list fast)

“I know that webinars are powerful for some businesses, but I just have no idea what I would teach, so I don’t think they’re for me or my audience.”

^ The number one statement I hear from my clients.

The power of video can be used to drastically grow any and all businesses. The results and conversion rates aren't bias towards certain niches! However, some business owners do have to get a little more creative when it comes to the topics they cover in webinar workshops.

If you are a blogger, a photographer, a dog walker, a health nut, a vegan enthusiast, a spouse, a parent, a DIYer, a designer, a hand letterer, a public speaker, or a business owner of any kind, then there is a webinar workshop topic for you to teach.

If you’ll take a leap into the unknown and see what happens in the world of video, you will be so surprised at the positive results.

If you’ll take a leap into the unknown and see what happens in the world of video, you will be so surprised at the positive results.

Bloggers, your following will increase drastically.

Photographers, aspiring photographers will start to ask if they can hire you to teach them your skills.

Relationship, parenting, and lifestyle bloggers, your credibility will increase and you may end up with someone knocking on your inbox door interested in publishing your content.

Wedding planners, a world of opportunity will open up for you, ranging from aspiring planners to new clientele.

Business owners, your sales will increase an average 20%.

38 topics in different niches that you could teach in a webinar workshop. Grow your email list rapidly and stop wasting time in limbo. Get serious and reach your online business goals today. Click through to see how! 

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Webinars do three things:

  1. They help you create a lasting relationship with your viewers - build trust factor, credibility, and a memorable connection. Priceless for the long haul.

  2. They increase your email list and following quickly. I’m talking by 300+ per week. Sick of only growing by about 50 per month? Yea, I would be too! Stop wasting time.

  3. They’re the highest converting tactic to increase sales if you choose to pitch a product. Live attendees to paid customer conversion rates average 20%. That’s mindblowing. Other sales tactics convert on average 2-4%.


If you have hesitations due to the fear of being on video or if the tech side of things has you running… watch my free masterclass “Webinars For The 1st Time.” I’ve been exactly where you are, and I wasted too much time running from something that actually isn’t that big of a deal! I show you exactly why and how to accomplish all of this in my masterclass.

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a webinar workshop is figuring out what you want to teach.

To help you get your wheels turning, here are 38 topic examples for different niches:

  1. 4 photoshop tools photographers can’t live without (Plus tech training!)
  2. Use your DSLR the right way to uplevel your visuals and brand

  3. Batch scheduling for new moms working at home

  4. Change your wealth mindset and reach your revenue goals

  5. Top 5 essential oils and all they can do for you

  6. 1 Week’s worth of healthy dinners that your family will LOVE

  7. Meal prepping 101: save time and reach your goals faster

  8. DIY your own logo in 1 hour

  9. Write up your business plan in 1 day and start taking action

  10. Beauty tutorial: Contour while keeping a natural look

  11. How to DIY all of your household cleaners and keep chemicals OUT

  12. How to juggle being a good wife and a good mother in the beginning stages

  13. 7 steps to a more positive, vibrant mindset and life

  14. 10 lessons to learn in order to live a more minimalistic lifestyle

  15. Ultimate hand lettering workshop

  16. Create time freedom for yourself! Time management workshop

  17. Start a blog with $20

  18. Make an extra $1000 a month with an Etsy store

  19. How to eliminate toxins, lose weight, and gain healthy energy

  20. 7 steps to better your public speaking skills

  21. 10 steps to overcome your public speaking fears

  22. 10 ways to commit to your health journey and lose those last stubborn pounds

  23. Train your dog with ease! 5 steps to help your dog understand and obey you

  24. Turn your brick and mortar business idea into a profitable reality

  25. Improve your visual marketing to uplevel your brand and bring in more clients

  26. Poster and brochure design for marketing

  27. How to host a giveaway to double your monthly income

  28. Human psychology empowerment methods

  29. Using Twitter to spread your brand to the masses

  30. Manifesting your life and career goals for success

  31. A successful business model that you truly love

  32. 7 days of work to become an experienced, skilled photographer

  33. 21 ways to grow your direct sales team

  34. Bookkeeping and Taxes for the self-employed

  35. The routine to overcome depression

  36. Stay sane! Task management for the BIG projects

  37. Ease out of your sugar addiction to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle

  38. How to live frugally and get out of debt with a 2-5 year plan

No matter what it is that you do, there is a group of people looking for a way to connect with you and who want to know more about what you have to offer.

Some of the topics listed are for very random, out there niches. Goes to show that there’s a topic idea out there for all business owners and bloggers! Just because you think your target audience is a tiny portion of the online community doesn’t mean that you can’t explode your business and generate a level of success that you’ve never fully believed was possible. The more authentic your brand the better!

So, no more excuses!

If you have hesitations due to technology or have fears of getting on camera, you need to watch my free masterclass to find out why you shouldn’t! This class has been condensed into 35 minutes and you will learn exactly how to overcome your fear of video, what to teach in your workshop, how to explode your email list, and get a tech tutorial for my favorite free webinar platform.

If you’re still hesitant towards giving webinars, let me ask you this...

Is your fear greater than your desire for success?

If everything that you’re doing results in slow growth, why not try it?

I initially started giving free webinar workshops to connect with my audience and get them greater results in a shorter amount of time - you can teach a lot more in an hour-long webinar than you can in a blog post. I was immediately blown away by how rapidly my email list grew and ultimately my sales increased too.

Slow growth was no longer a problem for me, and it doesn’t have to be for you either.

Make your desire for success greater than any excuses or fearful thoughts that you may have.

You just have to give it a try! Make your desire for success greater than any excuses or fearful thoughts that you may have.

Time is rolling.

Are you going to stay put in your slow growth and pray for a miracle? Or are you going to do something about it and take charge for your success?


Watch my free masterclass “Webinars For The 1st Time” and explode your email list this week!

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  • How to overcome your fear of video
  • What to teach in your webinar

  • The power of joint venture webinars

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