Allow your desire for success to be greater than your fear.

What Is The Visionary Inventive?


The Visionary Inventive will provide you with everything you need to take your business and life to new beginnings that you’ve only dreamed about through private one-on-one coaching calls with Brie Beeks where you will work through creating high-end coaching/consulting programs, digital educational products, automated sales funnels that WORK, audience growth, email marketing, affiliate marketing, media exposure, promotion strategy, marketing strategy and so much more.

This mastermind is on the opposite end of the spectrum from every other training out there. It’s fast-moving, hard work, and it’s NOT for everyone. The Visionary Inventive is only for the highly motivated, driven, optimistic go-getter that’s not willing to quit until the job is done. It’s for the entrepreneur who's willing to go the extra mile and step outside of their comfort zone; the entrepreneur who allows their success to be greater than their fear.

This isn't a get rich quick gig. There is a lot of building and hard work that goes into creating your empire. But if you'll listen to me and do what I tell you to do, you will get through the start-up phase within weeks and be able to enjoy your masterpiece with passive income and time freedom. Think 4 hour work weeks and $5K++ months! My clients have accomplished this in 90 days and so can you.