Farmhouse Boutique

"Brie helped my co-owner and I resolve our biggest struggle - getting started! Having her walk us through the entire process of business building, advising us on which software and systems to use, and really walking us through our website creation and social media plan were some of the most valuable benefits we received from her. She inspired us to kick start our online business, The Farmhouse Boutique and provided us with all of the necessary tools to do so. She helped us build our online business owner lifestyle, now we simply get to live in it! It has been over a month since we finished the class, and she still continues to answer questions and provide us with feedback! We’ve gained a lifelong mentor/friend."

- Jordan Clarke & Jo Beth Stevens, Owners of The Farmhouse Boutique

Emily Swanda

"After going through my first intensive session with Brie I left with so much information, advice, and homework. She was extremely relatable and really listened to see what I personally needed. She gave me so many practical tips and advice and took the time to explain exactly how to implement it all.

I came in a chaotic mess and left with a well organized business plan and action steps in place. I felt so much less overwhelmed, clear minded and confident in my business model. I would strongly recommend her to a friend because not only will you receive business insight but also a kind and caring person to learn from."

- Emily Swanda, Improved Living Coach