"Brie brings a really unique perspective to the online marketing space. She cares so much for her clients and colleagues and lives her purpose of helping female entrepreneurs grow successful online businesses. I recommend Brie because she has a mastery of the marketing concepts you need in order to grow a successful business. If you want to grow a killer brand without confusion or overwhelm, reach out to Brie ASAP!"

- Tepsii Thendo, Copywriting and Business Teacher

Oriana Pascale

"Working with Brie helped get me past simply having a wish to have an online business presence to really putting together a strategic plan of attack to get it done. Brie validates your ideas for you, gives it to you straight as to whether it's a good path or not, helps guide you down a road towards success and gives you real, actionable homework to make your plan come to life.

Since working with Brie, I've connected with like minded business owners, I've honed in on my niche & validated that what I love to do really is what I should pursue, and I've grown my online presence by leaps and bounds.

Working with Brie was like working with a great friend. Brie listens to your ideas, bounces them back off of you to validate them, and then creates a vision for you that helps you look down the road and see if it's really what you want to pursue. Brie makes you feel like you're literally her only client and she's giving you everything she has to see your success come true. Brie holds you accountable to get your butt in gear and at the same time, she gets that life gets in the way sometimes. She lives and breathes her and your success all at the same time. She's like having a virtual BFF in your corner, rooting you on every step of the way!!"

- Oriana Pascarella, Organization Consultant