This is for you!

  • You're motivated, determined, and have a very strong work ethic.
  • You're an educator, mentor, coach, strategist, or creativepreneur.
  • You have a skillset or are knowledgable in a topic that you would like to teach or help others accomplish.
  • You’re ready to make at least $5K per month by selling out your coaching programs or online courses while gaining more time freedom.
  • You want your business model to provide full-time income while working 15 hours or less per week.

This is not for...

  • Those who are not motivated and lack a strong work ethic.
  • Those who quit when something doesn’t turn out exactly how they imagined it would.
  • Those who refuse to get out of their comfort zone or let their mind wander for creative purposes.
  • Those who aren’t passionate about their business ideas or their clients’ results.