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You’re not just a dreamer. You’re a doer and an action-taker.
You’re the woman that won’t stop until you’ve accomplished your goal. You’re powerful and you’re ready to start a new chapter that ends with you making a lot of money doing what you love to do, when and where you love to do it.

You have no interest in sitting back and letting the world spin around you. You’re an influencer with a strong message to share and you’re not holding it back any longer. You’re ready to jump in and make a big splash.

You can and you will. Your time is now!

All my best,

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"You helped me created sales pages that spoke to my ideal customer, together we crafted tripwires that, months later, still create passive sales, and you explained, as many times as I needed to hear it, how the super complex systems of the blogging world worked. You walked me through setting up convert kit tags, sequences, and automations so my readers would hear from me in a relevant way. You helped me set up a live workshop that we then repackaged and sold as an evergreen workshop in Teachable. You taught me how to use Screenflow which I have used over and over and over.

You were a kind, good listener who understood how to help someone who was a master of her content and a total newbie at the business of blogging.

Brie has helped me set up live workshops in a Facebook group which we repackaged and sold as an evergreen course in Teachable, she’s helped me sell evergreen courses living in Teachable, ebooks, PDFs, the T shirt shop for my new book website, and more. My Instagram has grown steadily and she taught me how to harness live demonstrations I was doing to maximize flurries of engagement to drive email signups and sales. I wanted to be the hottest, sharpest authority in my niche and thanks to Brie’s help, the canning world has never looked so fun.

You made me feel competent, finally, instead of completely hopeless. Being clueless and broke gets really old and you helped me master one thing after another. I looked forward to every one of our calls and it was really nice being able to have a mom that understood if I had to cancel if my little girl was sick. It was also really nice having a mom who wouldn’t let me let that be a crutch. She’d say, “well let’s just grind it out, we only have an hour,” and we’d get right to work.

Brie is a great listener who understands MANY ways of selling a lot of different products. She can help you grow your audience, create systems that work for you, she understands social media and how to use it to grow a business, Brie is a hard worker- no lazybones need apply. She’s not going to write the emails for you. If you want to work hard, but have someone working just as hard to guide you, Brie’s the girl for you."

- Jenny Gomes, adomesticwildflower.com